About Paul

Paul Rice is a multi talented and multi dimensional artist, designer, fabricator, and performer.
Paul began his art career early, working at his father's parade float factory and attending an art magnet high school in Memphis, TN.  He won a full scholarship to Pratt Institute in New York. He graduated from Pratt with a fine arts degree in painting. After graduation, Paul continued by showing his paintings in galleries in New York as well as conceptualizing and completing unique art installations, such as his water project, 'Reservoir'.
Paul's talent for painting and sculpture, as well as his vivid imagination and excellent design aesthetic, eventually led him into the theater and movie industry. There he has worked in several capacities; from sculpting on projects of all sizes (miniatures to epic proportions), to design and fabrication of complex machinery and puppets, to performing and puppeteering (who knows the puppet better than the creator?), and eventually to art direction and production design.
His colleagues have been known to say that Paul specializes in 'impossible tasks'. He loves unique and odd projects and is often called upon where many different elements are needed to be incorporated. A rarity among artists, Paul's ability to lead a crew and work well with others rounds out his impressive diversity of skills.